Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas is Coming

I did all sorts of fall projects

-Fall Vegetable mosaics where students did a simple veggie or fruit drawing. Colored it a solid color then ripped different colors of construction paper in a variety of ways (small pieces, long strips etc.) then glued the pieces over the solid color drawing.

-My standby lesson of large oil pastel pumpkins I have blogged about that before. But to sum the lesson it is a basic form lesson using pumpkins.

-Fall paper color weaving with my 1st grade, they did a awesome job in less than one class period (1st time ever) so I let them do leaf rubbings to cut out and decorate the weaving.

-I heard the7th grade boys talking about kicking mushrooms on the soccer field. So I decided to have 7th grade create Technicolor oil pastel mushrooms. Basically a under drawing of white for highlight areas and blue or purple for shadow areas, then a over color of their choice. They came out really nice. It is sometimes hard to get all the boys interested in a topic, but they really liked the mushrooms.

Now Christmas is almost here. I want to get really nice art pieces on our artsonia site so parents can have a nice choice for gifts.

    Some ideas I am kicking around are:

- White paint and glue mix pine trees with green sand coating for my little ones.

-Winter tree splatter paint where students cut out a black or brown tree from construction paper, place it on a black piece of paper then splatter white paint around it. When they remove it you have an empty area in a blizzard. They then paint with brown paint in a winter tree. I then have them glue the paper tree on another piece of black paper and have them paint with white paint a winter scene. They can also do this with green paper and a pine tree. Then they have up to four different winter scenes in about 2 class periods. We talk about positive/ Negative space to get the standards in.

-I am planning on white chenille wire snow flake sculptures.

So far that is it. I want to stay away from snowmen and such until later in winter and I don't want to bring up Santa and decorated Christmas stuff yet. SO I figured I would stuck with nature and winter tree landscapes seem to fit the bill.