Saturday, November 12, 2011

EdCamp Harrisburg: Great Day


Great day at EdCamp Harrisburg I highly recommend if you get a chance to go to one of type of Camps, try it.

Some of the things I learned and liked

Lino It -

An online “sticky” board; includes iPhone app; no

email needed to participate; great for

discussions/asking questions; great for sharing

resources, links, etc.

BCIUiPad -

An iPad site that includes links to subject-area

content designed for the iPad

Arted20 -


Similar set up like facebook but for art educators


Motivational videos

Of course the few I have mentioned and used a time or two  and

Great video: Ok not appropriate for in class use, maybe high school, depending on your students but great ideas for creating a living painting as a resource for you. A project I have been thinking about doing every year but just have not got motivated to do yet. One of the college art teachers, Terry Yacovelli, showed this this video. My favorite I may have my students do is the sunflower have a group design flowers and groups create the background??