Saturday, April 17, 2010

Artist trading cards

I have just started this with my middle school students.  I thought the idea was nice but I didn’t think it would be this popular. They have spent 3 weeks creating cards. These cards aren’t rush jobs either.

The lesson I used was I showed two youtube videos and showed one website.

first shown is an artist that uses a trading card as a starting point for her art pieces. she is not speaking English in the beginning but it is a gag she is doing it will turn to English in the first few seconds. The middle school kids loved it!


The second is This is My City Calgary a service project video that shows a group that lets the homeless create the miniature art works.


The last thing I show is the website

*preview the art pieces before showing the class I haven’t found any inappropriate ones.

I bought precut cards from oriental trading company and through sax art I bought different assortments of cards and paper. But honestly you don’t need the assortment if you already have a junk box of assorted art materials with paper scraps, beads, sparkles etc.