Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Using technology in the art room: ipad , ipod and android laptops


During this week  I decided to do art centers and have technology play a part.  I really wanted to give the students time to “play” with a variety of apps they see on the ipod/ipad or laptop and ask about. This way when I do a lesson and use that app or program later they are familiar with it. This technique can be used with other curriculum apps as well.


App Screenshots

Spirograph drawing one center had android laptop with the Spirograph app installed. Students would create a hand drawn Spirograph drawing and then try to recreate using the app.


IMG_2234[1] Photography student created a drawing using colored pencil on a 3 by 4 index card. Then they could choose from a variety of camera apps allowing them to change the picture digitally. Apps they used Cam Wow, WordFoto,Make Cubist, and Fracture.

ipad stop motion cameraStudents using the Stop Motion camera app with the ipad mini to create a clay stop motion video. We just had coils of clay slinky along.