Friday, April 12, 2013

Creating a multiplayer classroom

What does it mean EVERYONE has an F?" This is the reality in a gaming environment that relates to kids you start with 0 and move your score up. So have levels students need to master before moving onto anther topic. So you can set your classroom as a multiplayer classroom.

Check out click Creating The Multiplayer Classroom

Student centered, individualized, focus on exploration, connected topics, explore/activity/ discuss. Student s can delve into the topic student choice and teacher choice into what needs to be looked at more. Goes great with the common core to delve deeper into a topic from a variety of angles and methods.

Having students creating roles in the group, quests instead of assignments that build upon one another and really dig into depth into the content.

Example creating blogs, podcasts, e-book reading etc. each student must create at lease one. However they can add points be doing several at what they are comfortable at, yet still delivering the information they have learned while going deeper into a topic.

Assessment has changed levels, instead of grade. Passing levels by each level becoming more intense or delving deeper into a topic or the amount of activities and subject matter content increases. How many topics is levels how they compete the levels is up to the student to choose how they complete. So if a student really likes blogging they can do more of those to raise points.

My quest : How can the be adapted to the art room?

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