Friday, April 12, 2013

Disruptive technology

App phone era touch screen , speakers, wifi, cellular, Bluetooth. The phone is obsolete. Kids talk less on the phone now. They don't email or watch tv. Kids can even make the phone into a music instrument! Called the ocarina and students can listen to others all over earth playing the phone. The phone, tablet, iPod etc has passed into becoming a tool not just entertainment.

Cultural ramifications of the iPhone? Augmented reality. Overlaying what is around you artistically, educationally and amusement. Look at word lens app for language classes. Changes Spanish to English by using the camera or reverses it. No it is not a joke app and can be very useful.

Web 2.0 what is it?
Facebook 2nd most used Web 2.0 after Google. Craigslist is being said to put newspapers out of business. They are not getting money for adds, more adds are posted at Craigslist and now most people check it first. Wikipedia has been found to be very accurate due to group editing things that are inaccurate are corrected quickly. Purpose of Web 2.0 connect people together with likes or searches.

How does this affect the next generation? Everything is real time now they don't talk on the phone as much, they use APPS. TV isn't as big kids watch on their devices Hulu and Netflix, while doing other things. Privacy is not as a much of an issue with kids why? They are the ego generation they like to talk about themselves, post a video, and tell everyone everything. Looking at funny things are what this generation and up to the 30's want it.

What do we need to teach? Permanence of the Internet things will be their later in life. Employers will check into you. Credibility is important check your facts and cite information. Teach what is private and what can be posted. They really don't know. It is the educators job to educate and keep up to date with the generation you are teaching and have fun doing it.

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