Sunday, October 17, 2010


One thing I have changed in my classroom is my portfolio system. I used regular folder and they are not big enough. I tried the stapled poster board which fell apart and was bulky to store. 

What works for me I found the using a 18” by 24” of construction paper folded into a folder. Color coded by grade and decorated by the student. Then laminated for durability, works the best in my classroom.

18” by 24” paper folded in 1/2 and bottom folded by 5 inches


I place a name tag with the students info. on the inside, for the younger K-2 I put a tag on the outside as well.


Decorate and Laminate. If you don’t have a laminator you could use contact paper. Or use a more durable paper like walpaper or poster board.


How we use the portfolio n my art room.  I have regular classroom desks in my art room. Folders are color coded by grade and then kept in the desk . I also use them on the drying rack to hold the art work and when dry then the art pieces can be placed back in the folder and go right back into the desk.


I also use the site. I take a picture with the art piece next to the name tag. That way I know whose art oiece it is without having a list of names that I loose. I just crop the name tag off . All done and very efficient,


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