Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to do in 15 minutes?

Today I came in and was told I would only have each 8th grade for abut 15 minutes (really 10 by the time they come in), before they went to an assembly. They are working on landscape paintings and I am not going to get paint out for about 7 min. of work time! The assembly is a good one from our district attorneys office about internet safety etc. I knew they had one from 9-10, well it had to be moved t0 10 – 11 right in the middle of both art classes.

SO I pulled out one of my lessons, I keep for unexpected surprises. For little kids 15 minutes is a lot of time to get something done and keep them active. For middle school, 15 minutes is enough time for trouble!

Here is a great lesson that is a stand by  that I’ve done many times, but I tweeked it with a bit of technology. The kids actually hang these drawing on their lockers! They like them that much.

1 line portrait:

I show them this video : about an artist that drawing using a GPS device. Just watch and see why this captivates a middle school art class!


I LOVE THIS VIDEO! It gets the middle school kids engaged and excited about a simple 1 line contour line portrait they create without picking up the marker. I use to get groans and complaining. Now they get all excited and love the end product!  I keep this for a day like today 15 minutes of learning and fun!

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