Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recycled scrap Lamination

I have been working with what to do with scrap lamination (all that stuff that is left after cutting things out). I used some of the stuff collected to create Halloween garland. Depending on your schools Halloween rules, this may be a fall garland. Leaves, pumpkins etc. opposed to ghost, skeletons and bats.

Use permanent black (or colored) markers to draw your theme. Mine s Ghosts. If doing leaves or pumpkins you could just use different colored permanent markers and no paint.

step 1 drawing:  SAM_4244

Step 2 Paint: Oil pastel or just color in with Permanent markers. I use white oil pastel and white tempera paint.


Step 3: Cut out and hole punch the tops of design


SAM_4250Step 4: string to make garland. I use funky looking yarn

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