Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday favorite art material Pick

Scratch Art paper one of my favorite art materials to give any age kid. just check out this site for all the different types from their line. I also like to get scratch art die cut papers from Then you can make your own also, I'll talk more about that later.

I did two projects this week with my 1st and 2nd grade.

  • The 1st grade learned about Paul Klee and looked at two paintings Cat and Bird and The Goldfish. They first practiced drawing a fish on paper using only lines no coloring in. Then continued the activity using a fish bowl shaped scratch art paper. By recreating the drawing by scratching off the ink layer. One thing you may consider if the class has never used scratch paper you may want to get some scratch art note cards and practice. I do this with my Kindergarten.
  • The 2nd grade learned about Molas. The final project they will have a scratch art turtle mounted onto a designed background in mola style. The first step is I give them a plain paper turtle that I have traced around the scratch art turtle and cut out. They complete the design they want in pencil and hand it to me to approve, and then they begin the turtle scratch art design. The second step is using Crayola Construction Paper Crayons draw a mola style design back ground on black paper for the turtle to be mounted on.

The other type of scratch art I do with my older middle school students is creating their own. In my classes they have done different lessons using a variety of scratch art papers. One project I do with 8th grade is a self portrait designed scratch art.

  1. Have the students create an oil pastel or crayon drawn colorful portrait. I have gone over Goya, Piccasso, and other colorful portraits. I do not want ordinary colored skin. I stress that every inch of the paper must be colored no white paper if they want white use white crayon/oil pastel because the ink will stick and not scratch off regular paper..
  2. Have the students paint two layers allowing each layer to dry of black ink. Let dry.
  3. Have student divide the paper into several sections by scratching off lines across the paper curved, straight or wavy doesn't matter.
  4. Scratch cross hatch lines, parallel wavy and straight lines one in each section.

What happens is the art piece looks like you are looking at a person though blinds. Just test it out it looks fantastic and the middle school students love it.


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