Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday art idea of the week!

What do you do when 1/3 the class is done but did not rush and the piece looks good, the rest of the class is still working and you still have 15 minutes of class left?

Once in awhile I have this happen. Usually with projects that carry over two classes some students are good at art and are done. I use to say we have X minutes left see what else you can do. The next thing I see is a ruined piece that looked really good a few minutes ago. Sometimes when a student is done, they are done, and if the project sit in front of them for too long they overwork it. So now after they get approval from me to put it away they can use the DONE section I got a shelf of books how to draw books, age appropriate art books and magazines. I have a few file folder games, card games, and artist fact sheets. Sometimes I put modeling clay, legos, and manipulatives on the shelves as well to keep it interesting. I sometimes will put a themed quick craft activity as well.

The quick monthly activity I am about to put on the shelf for spring is tissue paper flowers. I have chenille stems, colored tissue paper, and a direction sheet on how to make the flowers with examples in a vase.

Step 1 Use four to six pieces of colored tissue paper in a 5- by 3- inch rectangle for each flower and chenille stems.

Step 2 Fold the stack of paper on the long side in an accordion fold. Each fold should be approximately an inch wide

Step 3 Place a chenille stem in the middle of the folded tissue paper and tightly wrap about two inches of the stem around the paper.

Step 4 Pull each layer of tissue paper out around the chenille stem, separating each layer until you have a flower.

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