Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday art material pick and art project examples slide show premier!

Slide Show Premier

I have finally after so much trial and error figured out how to show art examples the best way on the this blog site. I debated about inserting them directly into the text, but decided that a slide show along the side would be the best. That way you can see all of them instead of digging through the archives of text later.

Friday Art Material Pick

One of my favorite and most versatile art material I use in my room is the old cheap watercolors, my two favorite are refill strips and Prang regular and if you want to get the kids excited glitter and metallic. I use the refill strip regularly in class they are cheap and effective. The Prang I use for specific lessons they are more expensive but they have a rich color. This week I had the first grade class paint flowers using watercolor (some examples on the slideshow). I have loads of fake flowers they chose the ones they liked sketched them out and then painted using watercolors. A very simple but the flowers they paint are childlike but colorful and beautiful!

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