Thursday, April 2, 2009


No I am not talking about my administration, students of coworkers. I am talking an Easter project I do with the 8th grade. I really get to gross them out and really get back at them in a loving but disgusting way. I have the students blow out the insides of the eggs. This is not pretty to watch, but amusing to all. Then I have the students draw in pencil their facial features on the egg and then use crayon and watercolor to color it. Now you will need to check to make sure you have no egg allergies, but usually an egg allergy is for ingestion so check with the school nurse and parents if an allergy comes up. I also recommend having 2 -3 eggs per student many get broken, dropped or explode.

Blowing out the egg:

  1. Poke a hole in the bottom (the wide diameter of the egg) then the top. SHAKE for several seconds.
  2. Blow contents of the egg into a container, trash, or plate. You may need to shake to break the yoke a few times.
  3. Wash and dry egg.


I have done Faberge eggs, Russian/Ukrainian eggs, batik eggs also with blown eggs. But I really like with the middle school kids to do self portraits on them since 8th graders are so into themselves they like it as well.


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