Monday, April 27, 2009

Try using regular art materials in a different way.

I have always experimented with using art materials in other ways. Watercolor on fabric, wax paper, sand paper, aluminum foil, and over laminating scraps after trimming. Today I have students doing a batik style flower drawing on scrap cotton fabric and then painting over it with water color. Another class is creating sun catchers by coloring designs on scrap laminating pieces with crayon and then I run it through the laminator again. Color oil pastel on aluminum foil and then use scratching sticks to draw revealing the silver aluminum. I have done days were I just place a bunch of art materials and see what they create. I have had some surprising creations and some disasters. One of my seventh graders while using a low temp glue gun decided to goof off by swirling it in the sink full of water. It creates such a wonderful swirl mixing with the watercolor in the water. He started to deliberately creating designs, they came out awesome and now instead of goofing he tries different things out a complete turnaround in attitude.

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