Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Art project of the Week, well at least art class OUTSIDE!

I don't know about your art room but my art supplies are low, all the "cool" stuff scented markers, glitter paints, and even the prized chalk is getting boring for my students. It is time to break out the messy stuff and take art class OUTSIDE into the spring air. I do Clay, sand casting with plaster, and tie dyeing. The stuff if I did it inside I think my custodians and principal would have a heart attack. Here is a few of my favorite nature walk projects for spring.

  1. The Ants view of grass. I have the students lie down in the grass and draw it from that view using colored pencils. I have a photo attached of what it looks like from that view.

  2. Nature Journals just walking around and drawing in pen what they see then go inside and do a watercolor wash over the drawing.

  3. Paint made from nature, I have the students collect or bring in different leaves, vegetables, fruits, and vegetation. Then boil it in water and use the colors like watercolors. Especially since I am low on paints by this time of year. I have also tie dyed with this homemade dye as well.

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