Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ack… Almost summer

I am brain storming this weekend the classes were crazy last week. We had sunny days of 70 and other days of rain and even had to scrape the wind shield one morning. The kids where acting just as wacky as the weather was here, so I have decided I need to rev up a little more interesting projects starting next week for the classes.

A few ideas that I am toying with:

Clay sculpting, tie dying and fabric batiks all projects I love doing outdoors so I need predictable nice weather. One the custodians won't kill me and the principal may not have a heart attack. The grass area outside my room becomes a disaster area, but after a few weeks it goes back to looking normal. I look like a disaster for that week, I call it my black week because I wear black all week due to the high concentration of messy projects. My arms have fabric dye all over them and my hair usually has bits of clay all in it. The students don't look to nice either. I think I will make mess week the first week of May, unless it is bad weather.

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