Saturday, April 4, 2009

DVD Weekend warrior

That's what I am this week I haven't went through any of my new videos since last summer so that is my project. I love to use special features and making of segments during art class in the last few classes of the year. I am cleaning the room and packing up supplies, so I need easy reliable mess free lessons that keep the students attention. All feature films on the extended DVDs usually have a lot of behind the scenes art, scenery, and costume segments. Make sure you check the links they have great websites.

My tried and true movie lessons:

  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, how to draw Spirit colored pencil lesson. Click the link and check out games and activities the cel creator to learn how they create a cel for a movie, another great lesson.
  • Treasure Planet making of the rule they used was 70/30%, which means 70% real and 30% imagination. This is a favorite for the boys in class especially it gets them really into wacky world creations. They don't always stick to the exact 70/30 rule but it gives them an idea of how to meld real world things but tweak it a little to create something new.
  • Finding Nemo, I have two lessons the color pencil drawing and the modeling clay lesson I bring in small feeder gold fish and set them in little plastic fish bowls along the tables
    • The color pencil is I have the students draw a real moving fish.
    • The modeling clay is I have them model from clay the fish they observe.
      • At the end of the lesson if the kid has a parent note they make take a fish home, it is open to the class that had the lesson first, then the rest of the school. This is by far the most looked forward to lesson. I have them asking me already.

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