Monday, April 20, 2009

How many Mondays are left?

At our school counting today we have eight Mondays left. That is not much time, but I think I am ready for summer vacation. Now if you are familiar with a teacher we really don't have "off" all summer. I am contracted for so many days, but the pay is spread over the year. So I am doing a lot of extra free work for the school over the summer. Now I have fun doing it, I test out new lesson plans homemade play dough, clay, painting, plaster and other art materials. I like to outline my lesson plan goals for the next school year, by looking at the calendar and penciling in seasonal and holiday ideas. Now these change depending on days off, assemblies, and snow delays/cancelations. But it keeps me on track when figuring out lesson plans during the extra busy holiday season, when Christmas sneaks up. In our state we have act 48 hours to acquire so some summers I take college courses and/or workshops. So summer is not really a vacation I have lots of work to do. One of my goals this summer is to make new art games. I have several different file folder games. I have decided that today after looking at mine and realizing it has been 3 years since I remade them so they are looking a little too worn. One of the favorites for the little ones is draw off. I have a folder with sticky notes and cards with a word and a picture example. You need a group of 3 at least one person pulls a card and draws the object. The others need to guess as they draw the first to guess gets to go next. I also have artist bingo games, artist puzzles, and file folder games for elements of art that need a little TLC.

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