Sunday, April 12, 2009

YouTube in the classroom

Spring is now rolling on. I worked on my garden these past few days, ordered some plants from the garden catalogs and mulched. I decided that this is the season to introduce Cezanne . I am going to discuss and I use the YouTube videos for classes, and web museums to present artists a lot. Many art colleges have students put together videos about artists and post them on youtube. Just reminder never use a video without previewing it first. A few of my favorites are:

Cezanne: fruit still life, a real fun video about cubism and Cezanne does have one nude painting but fairly tame, and Mountains part one & two very, very good.

Frida Kahlo: awesome morphing of self portraits montage the kids love it!

VanGogh: Morphed self portrait another favorite, tribute montage,

Edvard Munch: The scream, the scream spoofed I do this with my 8th grade recreate The Scream,

The whistler's Mother with Mr. Bean part 1 and part 2 I use this for introducing art preservation, and critiquing art with my 7th grade just a fun last class activity. I use a spoofing video for the lesson how can you recreate Whistler's Mother painting.

Cultures: Egypt,

Arts world videos great video series Qatar Islamic art museum, Underwater art, Glass blowing

YouTube is a wonderful tool for the classroom.

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