Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lesson with my art classes this past week

Right now I am working on weaving and other cultural art projects in class. I decided to do weaving with several grades starting with 3rd. They are just are doing a basic flat paper weave, but then are going to turn it into a basket, they are very excited about it. The 5th grade is weaving a raffia basket I think I maybe should have done that with 6th grade instead, but we will see. I usually do God's eyes but I wanted to try something different. The 8th grade is going a wrapped yarn coil basket they are looking really good! The other classes are finishing great artist recreated masterpieces and they look really good. 2nd grade has practiced doing scratch art on small pieces of scratch art paper. I do not think they got the concept of positive negative space yet so I am going to need to go over that again before they start the final turtle mola style scratch art project.


I am really trying to get my classes to like the pieces they are working on. So many of my older students 6th -8th really do not appreciate the art pieces they create. They become disposable and I start to wonder why I have them create these projects if they are just going to throw them out and not really care what they look like. I know I didn't keep all of mine form middle school. But a few do stand out as ones I really enjoyed doing. So I am revamping my middle school lessons and trying to come up with projects that they will enjoy creating and if they don't keep them I hope the memory of the process will be present later in life.

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